Treatments for Hammertoes


Most of the time we don’t think much about our feet and how incredible they are. Not only do they carry us around but they also help us walk, run and jump properly. Nevertheless, if foot problems occur, they can off-set our daily routine, lifestyle and health. One such foot problem that clearly disrupts the lives of many individuals is hammertoes.

Hammertoes can develop due to a number of reasons such as wearing ill-fitted shoes, genetic disposition, trauma to the toes and arthritis. When the toes are subject to excessive and chronic pressures, it can cause a muscle imbalance which makes the toe point upwards rather than lying flat across. This unusual bends takes the shape of a hammer and can be very painful.

Treatment for hammertoes include:

1.      The best way to treat hammertoes is to wear proper footwear. Opt for shoes with wide toe boxes to avoid cluttering and overlapping. Our feet change as we age in terms of size and shape. Have your foot measured by a professional every time you make a new shoe purchase.

2.      Use pads to help relieve pressure. The use of padding in your footwear may also help avoid any unnecessary friction and pressure placed on your toes.

3.      Use custom orthotics to help maintain good arch levels and reduce the rigidness in the muscles of your toes.

4.      Splints and braces can be used to help straighten out the bent toes.

5.      Do regular foot exercises. Try different toe exercises such as toe tap, toe crunch and toe squeeze to help increase the strength and flexibility in your toes. This will also help in the repositioning of the bent toe.

Hammertoes can cause severe pain and may even need surgery if left untreated.  Anyone experiencing frequent or chronic pain in their feet is advised to see a foot and ankle specialist.

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