Factors that Increase Fall Risk


Millions of people are treated in emergency rooms for fall injuries. What stands out is the magnitude of people it affects each year and the total medical cost for treating fall injuries. Fall injuries are the largest cause of death and injuries in older Americans. A fall may not result in an injury every time.  However, according to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of five falls does cause a serious injury such as a hip fracture or head injury.

Identifying the most common causes that contribute to falling can help us prevent falls. Here are 4 common causes of falls:

  1. Vision problems: A routine eye exam can help reduce the risk of falls, especially as you age. You may want to get an updated prescription from your eye doctor to help you carry out your daily routine without any risk of falling. Visual impairment affects the elderly at large, which makes them overlook hazards.

  2. Ill-fitting shoes: Making the right footwear choices can help avert major fall injuries.  Throw away any loose or worn out sneakers and shoes, as they may be a tripping hazard. Have your foot measured by a professional before you make any new shoe purchase.

  3. Check your medication: You may want to call your doctor to review your prescriptions because certain medications can cause light headedness and cause a fall.

  4. Hazards around the house: Reduce the risk of fall injuries by simply clearing out the clutter that lies around the house. Fix stray electrical cords, bumpy rugs, slippery floors and broken staircases.

Whether you’ve had a bad fall or witnessed one, never overlook the risk of an injury. If you see no visible signs of an injury, you still might want to check-in with your doctor and get an assessment to determine if you are hurt.

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