Keeping Foot Blisters at Bay


In order to stay healthy and competitive, we often engage ourselves in fun-filled physical activities. In doing so, our feet are exposed to numerous infections, injuries and other foot dangers. One of the most common problems is a getting a blister. 

Blisters are small, fluid-filled pockets that form on the skin of the foot due to the body’s response to friction, burns, chemical exposure, and medical conditions. While most blisters tend to go away on their own, there are some which may require some medical intervention along the way.

Here are some key tips to keep blisters from getting on to your feet:

1.      Keeping your feet dry and clean is a key step to keep blisters away. Dry your feet properly after you shower. Use a pumice stone to avoid any dry skin or bacteria from settling in.

2.      Shoes are often the source of blisters. Wear fitted and comfortable footwear that allows enough room for your toes and heels. Wear shoes that are designed for a particular activity.

3.      Wear synthetic socks that wick away moisture from the skin of your feet. Frequent sock changes can be very helpful if you sweat excessively.

4.      Orthotic shoe inserts can help prevent blisters by correcting any abnormal foot mechanics.

5.      Slide padding into your shoes to help to prevent friction against the feet.

6.      Cover those areas that are prone to blisters by using sports tape, patches or moleskins.

7.      Do not pop a blister by yourself. An open blister can attract infections and can cause serious complications especially if you are a diabetic.

If you spot an accumulation of fluid between the layers of skin, you can assume a blister is brewing. A trip to the doctor is seldom required when it comes to treating foot blisters. However, it is essential to seek advice from a podiatrist to be safe.

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