Conservative Treatment Options for Bunions

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At Foot and Ankle Associates, LLP we see patients with bunions when they are so severe that they have difficulty walking or even wearing shoes. In most cases, patients are afraid to come in because they fear they would require surgery. Early detection and prompt treatment of bunions can help deter this common foot problem.

Here are some conservative treatment options to help prevent bunions from getting worse:

  • Choice of footwear—the choice of footwear matters when it comes to treating bunions. High heels and pointy shoes can aggravate a bunion. Avoid wearing shoes with narrow toe boxes because they cramp the toes together.

  • Icing—gently applying ice over the bunions can help reduce pain and inflammation. Do not directly apply ice to the skin, use a thin towel.

  • Medications—prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for inflammation and pain reduction.

  • Soft padding—to provide the necessary cushion to your bunion, a soft pad may be used to help provide protection and reduces friction

  • Orthotics—an orthotic or inserts may help reposition faulty foot structures that are causing your toe to move outwards.

There are many other conservative measures for a podiatrist to consider. However, if these measures fail to restore the toe to its best position, surgery may be the best or only viable solution to correct a bunion.

No matter what the size and severity of your bunions, our team of expert foot doctors can help you deliver the best solutions to all your foot and ankle problems including bunions. Make an appointment online or visit any of our five convenient offices located in Kennett Square, Garnet Valley, West Grove, PA and Newark and Greenville, DE.