Essential Foot Care With Diabetes


Considering the risks our feet face, they need protection and care all the time. The precaution required increases manifold if one is suffering from diabetes. With diabetes, blood circulation is restricted which reduces sensation and makes it difficult to detect any problems that may already be underway without being noticed. 

In such a scenario, cuts, scratches, and wounds are less likely to heal and are more prone to infections and deterioration. If adequate care is not given, even the most minor of cuts can aggravate into severe infections that could lead to amputation. 

However, these few simple yet necessary measures to safeguard your feet on a daily basis can save you from a lot of trouble:   

  • Examine your feet carefully and pay particular attention to any cuts or wounds that you may have. In case of any doubt, visit your doctor immediately.

  • Cleanliness is essential to protect your feet from any infections. Make sure to wash them with lukewarm water and then dry them properly.

  • Moisturize and massage your feet gently. This will prevent dry skin from cracking and also help in circulation.  However, it is recommended not to apply moisturizer between the toes, as that can cause infection.

  • Toenail infections can become worse with diabetes; therefore, extreme caution is to be practiced while cutting your nails.

  • In case you are wearing socks, ensure that they are clean and dry. Dampness increases the likelihood of infections.

  • At any time, if you feel you have a wound or a foot condition, see your podiatrist right away. 

    Diabetic patients are usually unable to feel any stones or small objects in their shoes as sensation is minimized due to limited blood flow. This increases the possibility of their feet getting hurt and their injury going unnoticed.  

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