Why Walking Is Good For Your Feet


Experts advise us to have some sort of exercise in our daily routine to keep us fit and active even in old age. Walking is one exercise that is beneficial for the entire body, especially the feet.  

Why should we walk? 

  • It keeps your foot movement in check and identifies any issues in your feet through pain or discomfort, enabling you to seek medical aid immediately.

  • Walking allows proper blood circulation and maintains your overall body weight.

  • You can walk anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors, and at any time.

  • It does not require any extensive gear or special instructions – it’s quite basic! 

However, it is better to visit your podiatrist before you start walking frequently. There might be a condition you have and are not aware of or you could be developing a foot condition that requires extra care like an orthotic support device. 

Moreover, the type of shoes that you choose for walking plays a vital role in your foot health. Your podiatrist can guide you to select the appropriate footwear if you are unsure. Some useful tips include: 

  • Look for better arch support.

  • Softer heel cushions protect your feet from excessive stress.

  • Laces ensure better fit and stability.

  • Size matters – shouldn’t be too small that your toes hurt or too large that your heels slip out from the back.

  • Toe space should be adequate enough for you to move your toes and not tight that your toes feel cramped.

  • Always wear your shoes in the store and walk around for a while; do not buy them unless your feet feel comfortable. 

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