What Are Heel Spurs And How to Treat Them?

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Heel spurs are a bony protrusion usually under the heel; however, in very few cases, it may develop at the back of the heel too. This happens due to excess buildup of calcium under the heel. 

Another reason could be due to inflammation of the tissue that is present underneath our feet and links the heel to the ball of the feet; also known as plantar fasciitis

It is important to address any discomfort or pain that you may feel in your heels as it could be a warning signal for heel spurs. Needless to mention how crucial a role heels play in our movement and balance; any issue with the heels can affect both these elements. 

Heel spurs may take a while to develop or they may occur speedily if the heels are subjected to too much and continuous pressure, for instance during high-intensity workouts. 

Some precautions or remedial measures that you may adopt to avoid heel spurs include: 

  • Wearing appropriate footwear that supports your heels and foot arches, and also distributes the weight of your body evenly among your foot areas.

  • Rigid calf muscles place extra stress on the heels and can enhance heel spur development. Therefore, physical therapy to flex those muscles improves your heel condition and also reduces any pains associated with heel spurs.

  • Customized orthotic devices support your feet and heels, and are extremely beneficial for the overall health of your feet.

  • Avoid wearing constrictive shoes as they cause discomfort and place unnecessary pressure on your heels and on the balls of your feet.

  • Ice application may soothe the pain and also reduces the inflammation caused by heel spurs. 

If you experience pain or feel pressure on your heel bone, we recommend that you consult our highly-qualified and experienced podiatrists Dr. Albert Iannucci, Dr. Katherine Sydnor, Dr. Richard Conti, Dr. Victor Nippert, Dr. Sharon Anghel, and Dr. Geoffrey Schilling

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