Link Between Foot Health & Diabetes in Men

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At Foot and Ankle Associates, LLP, we are focusing on diabetes in men and how it affects their feet. Unfortunately, we have found that men tend to postpone (if not completely skip) getting treatment for diabetes; which ultimately has severe adverse effects on their feet. 

Effects of diabetes to bear in mind: 

  • Diabetes causes nerve damage which usually affects the lower limbs at first and slowly moves its way up.

  • Loss of sensation or numbness in the ankles and feet is a common symptom of diabetes.

  • Poor blood circulation is also an outcome as the arteries and blood vessels shrink or become damaged.

  • Diabetic patients suffer from slow healing ability as their blood flow is restricted. 

Here are some useful tips that will enable men to control their diabetes:

  • Examine your feet daily and keep a lookout for cuts or wounds that may previously have gone unnoticed due to lack of sensation.

  • Be watchful of any infections in the toenails and skin. Common indicators include a change in color, texture, and thickness of the nails; the occurrence of redness, rashes, blisters or bumps in the skin. 

  • Wash your feet daily and keep them dry. Use antiseptics to avoid infections; however, refrain if you have cracked skin. Instead, use moisturizer for cracked and dry skin.

  • Wear shoes and avoid being barefoot as that will increase the likelihood of catching fungal infections.

  • Make sure your socks are airy and do not allow sweat to accumulate inside them, as that too can lead to infections.

  • If your podiatrist recommends something, make sure you follow their instructions as treating your feet and keeping them healthy is their main objective. 

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your foot health, feel free to consult with our experts, Dr. Albert Iannucci, Dr. Katherine Sydnor, Dr. Richard Conti, Dr. Victor Nippert, Dr. Sharon Anghel, and Dr. Geoffrey Schilling. We can be reached at any of our offices in West Grove, Garnet Valley, Kennett Square, PA and Newark, Greenville, DE at your convenience.