Treatment for Flat Feet


You may have noticed an upward curve in the middle of your foot. These curves are commonly referred to as arches. They provide the necessary bounce and flexibility to the foot for us to walk, jump and run effortlessly and comfortably. They act as shock absorbers and help evenly distribute the weight of the body as we move.

For some people, the arch in the foot collapses (partially or completely) each time the foot is pressed flat on the ground. This foot deformity is called flat foot or fallen arches. This condition is believed to be by many experts as hereditary in nature. In some cases, this condition may occur over time due to aging, hormonal changes, trauma, arthritis, and obesity. Some of the common symptoms of this deformity may include foot fatigue, over-pronation, swelling of the inside bottom of the feet or pain in the heel and arches.

Not everyone with flat feet experiences pain. Those who do, generally experience foot pain in the middle of the foot which is commonly referred to as the midfoot region. Early diagnosis and the right treatment can help prevent or manage pain from flat feet.

Here are some key things that can help your flat feet

  • Reduce your level of activity, especially the ones that require you to stand for long periods of time. Apply ice to reduce any pain and swelling.

  • Stretching exercises can enhance arch flexibility, strengthen foot and ankle muscles, and improve overall balance.

  • Use pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication to help relieve the pain and inflammation.

  • Physical therapy.

  • Custom-orthotic devices.

  • If you are overweight, losing weight can reduce the existing load on your arches.

If you notice any pain and dysfunction associated with flat feet, it is important that you go to a podiatrist for an assessment to determine the correct diagnosis.

At Foot and Ankle Associates, LLP Dr. Albert Iannucci and our team of qualified foot doctors have the right experience and skill set to help you identify factors that could be affecting your flat feet and recommend treatment specific to your needs. If you have any questions about flat feet or other foot and ankle conditions, call us at any of our convenient office locations in Greenville and Newark, DE and Kennett Square, Garnet Valley and West Grove, PA.