Keeping Your Feet in Top Shape


At Foot and Ankle Associates, LLP we find that patients who do regular self-checks of their feet are more likely to catch any foot and ankle issues in their earliest stages. Here are some key tips you should consider in keeping your feet in top shape:

1.      Conduct a visual exam: We usually pay attention to our feet when there is something wrong with them. Take time to look at your feet on a daily basis for anything unusual such as corns, blisters, hammertoes, cuts, bruises, and fungal infections. This should be a common practice for diabetic patients.

2.      Daily wash: Keep your feet clean by washing them with soap and water on a daily basis. Dry them properly with a towel in such a way that there is no moisture left between the toes, which may result in an infection.

3.      Avoid walking barefoot: Why do we wear different kinds of shoes? Simply to protect our feet and provide them a certain level of movement and comfort. Therefore, walking barefoot exposes your feet to objects, infections and other hazards which may harm your feet.

4.      Proper footwear: Before you make any shoe purchase, its essential to have your foot measured by a professional. Our feet are subjected to a lot of wear and tear and with age, our foot health deteriorates. Always wear the right shoes for the activity you are doing. It is not a good idea to wear golf shoes when going for a run. Different shoes are made to perform specific movements, with proper cushioning and support in the right places. Wearing the right shoe can minimize the risk of injury.

5.      Trim toenails carefully: The best way is to cut them straight across. Don’t cut them from the side of your nails or you risk developing ingrown toenails.

Make these checks a part of your daily routine especially for people who have diabetes. If you are experiencing any foot and ankle condition, come to visit Foot and Ankle Associates, LLP. You can contact us at our offices in Greenville, and Newark, DE and Kennett Square, Garnet Valley and West Grove, PA. Our team of podiatrists can help you treat all your foot and ankle conditions.