Smelly Feet, Smelly Feet, What Are They Feeding You?


We’ve all suffered from the occasional smelly feet syndrome. For some people, it’s a year-round problem which certainly needs to be addressed.

Our feet have anywhere between 2 to 5 million sweat glands. These glands not only produce a lot of sweat but they also help to keep the body’s temperature within a constant range.

Everyone’s feet sweat, but some people sweat more than others. Sweat itself does not have a distinct smell, it’s the bacteria that causes the sweat to have a foul odor. Smelly feet (bromodosis) are when our feet give off a certain smell which others might find offensive. Some people with smelly feet may also suffer from sweaty feet. The medical condition where the skin sweats excessively is referred to as hyperhidrosis.

When you wear shoes and socks for excessive periods, the sweat starts to settle inside, providing an environment for the bacteria and fungus to thrive. This warm, dark and moist setting provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and results in bad foot odor.

Here are some key points to improve foot hygiene:

  • Wash your feet at least once daily. Dry them thoroughly especially between the toes.

  • Scrub your feet properly to remove any dead skin or bacteria using a pumice stone.

  • Switch shoes regularly. Let your footwear breath.

  • Change and wash your socks regularly.

  • Apply foot powder or an antiperspirant on your feet.

  • Wear special socks that wick away moisture and dry quickly.

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