3 Causes of Heel Pain


Anyone who has experienced heel pain will tell you how painful, irritating, and disruptive it can be. When your heel hurts, it not only causes pain but more importantly it restricts your movement to a standstill if it is not treated promptly. Even the simplest of tasks like walking, running errands, or even driving to the nearest bookstore can become a challenge.

A permanent solution requires identifying the source of the pain and formulating treatment plans that best address the root of the problem. Here are some common causes of heel pain:

1.     Plantar fasciitis: High and repetitive pressures from physical activity or injury on our feet can at times cause damage to the plantar fascia (a band of deep tissue that runs along your heel bone to your toes). This can cause severe pain and inflammation.

2.     Diabetic foot problems: Diabetes can cause many serious problems from poor blood circulations to neuropathy. This can cause numbness and shooting pain around the heel area.

3.     Wrong shoes: The right shoe choice makes a world of difference when it comes to addressing heel pain. The best shoes are the ones that support and protect your feet. If you like to play a sport, be sure to wear sport-specific shoes.

There are many potential causes of heel pain, some more serious than others. Regardless, your podiatrist can help you determine the exact cause of your heel pain and formulate a treatment plan that works best for your specific condition.

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