Bad News, Ladies (Good News, Feet) – Three Types Of Shoes To Avoid!


Most women suffer from pain and discomfort in their feet solely because of their choice of shoes. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can harm your feet and lead to long term problems. So, ladies, it’s time to change your shoes!

At Foot and Ankle Associates, LLP we strongly urge women to stop wearing these three types of shoes:

  • The breezy “Flip-flops”: Much to women’s surprise, these easy to slip-on shoes harm our feet unimaginably. Flip-flops are flat structured shoes that provide no support to your arch and heels, causing flat feet and heel pain.

  • The all-time favorite “Pumps”: While some pumps are comfortable, women need to be watchful when they are selecting them. Pumps that have hardbacks can lead to a condition called “pump bump” in which the back of your heel gets injured, cut or even blistered due to constant friction. In worse cases, a bony protrusion develops at the back of the heel known as “Haglund’s deformity” characterized by inflammation, irritation, and pain.

  • The killer “High Heels”: As attractive as they may be, high heels cause the worst damage to your feet. Not only are they unstable, but they also increase your chances of sprains and even fractures in case you twist your foot. Needless to mention that sprains weaken your muscles and fractures weaken your bones and joints. Also, the higher the heel, the more constricted your toes, subjecting you to develop hammer toes, bunions, and similar foot conditions.

 If you feel any discomfort or notice anything unusual in your feet, ankles or toenails, we suggest you visit our offices conveniently located in West Grove, Garnet Valley, Kennett Square, PA and Newark, Greenville, DE, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Albert Iannucci, Dr. Katherine Sydnor, Dr. Richard Conti, Dr. Victor Nippert, Dr. Sharon Anghel, and Dr. Geoffrey Schilling right away. Don’t take your feet lightly – any swelling, bruising or discoloration could be a sign of a more serious condition. Protect your feet, get them checked and give them the care that they truly deserve!