Foot Care New Year’s Resolutions


New Year comes with new hopes, new dreams, and new resolves. It is important to remember what we already have and to ensure that we preserve it. Our feet are no less, and their health should be on the top of our priority list. If they are in bad shape, bring them back to the condition that you would want yourself to be in. Proper foot care can help keep your feet in top shape and prevent any problems.

Not only do our feet carry us from place to place, but they are also equally important when we want to relax, sway or play around. This year, make it a point to pay special attention to this blessing and address any issues that you feel may be affecting your precious feet before it is too late.

  • Resolve to daily inspect your feet – Address your foot or ankle problems at the earliest of stages before it becomes a serious issue and undermines your overall health. Make sure to inspect your feet on a regular basis (daily if you have diabetes) as it helps to spot any irregularities such as cuts, swelling, or changes in nail color. Do not let foot pain ruin your day; make sure to contact a podiatrist before the pain becomes unbearable. Early identification, intervention, and treatment can go a long way in preventing major problems.

  • Stop wearing the wrong shoes – Shoes that lack comfort and support around the heel, ankle, and arch are harmful to the health of your feet and ankles. The wrong shoes cause not only foot and ankle problems but also accelerates existing ones. Avoid wearing high-heels and flip flops for longer durations. Have you foot measured by a professional every time you buy new shoes.

  • Maintain good foot hygiene – Wash your feet and dry them carefully especially between the toes. A regular foot bath can help wash away sweat and prevent foot odor. Trim your nails by cutting them straight across and file them properly. Do not cut them too short or unevenly as it can lead to infections and ingrown toenails.

Being proactive in your foot care is by far the best way to address any foot and ankle problem. At Foot and Ankle Associates, LLP we have a team of experienced and highly-qualified foot doctors who can treat a wide array of foot and ankle disorders. Whether it’s to assess the circulation to your feet, treat an injury or diabetes-related pain, our team of foot doctors can give your feet the best chance of overcoming any foot and ankle problem. For more information, you can call any of our offices conveniently located in Kennett Square, Garnet Valley, West Grove, PA and Newark and Greenville, DE.