Are You Protecting Your Feet From These Three Injuries?


When we think of foot or ankle injuries, we think of athletes and sports professionals. However, even ordinary people are at risk of encountering foot injuries if proper care and precaution are not practiced.

At Foot and Ankle Associates, LLP and generally as well, these are the three of the most frequent injuries that foot experts come across:

  1. “Ankle sprains” top the list of the most frequent and most recurring foot injury. The condition is characterized by swelling and pain; which worsens when the muscles of the ankle weaken due to excessive wear and tear, overuse, and unstable footwear.

  2. Next in line are bone fractures or joint dislocations. These excruciating injuries can be major (i.e. in the form of multiple fractures) or minor (like hair-line fractures and bone bruises); the latter being more common. This condition arises when the bones crack or break due to excess and persistent stress; especially encountered in activities that entail a significant amount of running.

  3. Another high-frequency injury is that of the tendonitis, especially the one that links the heel to the calf. Again, excessive stress and inadequate rest are cited as the main reasons behind this painful condition.

Here are the three extremely useful measures that one may adopt to safeguard their feet and ankles from injuries and trauma:

  1.  Stretches and flexing routines are a must before jumping into any physical activity. If you want to keep your feet and ankles strong, it is necessary to include strengthening exercises in your workout routines.

  2. Making the right foot gear selection: each activity has its own footwear that is designed to protect the various parts of your foot from coming under unnecessary stress. Be wise and choose the right gear for the right purpose.

  3. Use orthotic insert devices to support your feet. Not only do they ensure stability, but they also prevent twists and sprains by reducing excess stress on your foot muscles.

In case of any pain or trauma occurring in your feet or ankles, visit Dr. Albert Iannucci, Dr. Katherine Sydnor, Dr. Richard Conti, Dr. Victor Nippert, Dr. Sharon Anghel, and Dr. Geoffrey Schilling at any of our offices closest to your location in West Grove, Garnet Valley, Kennett Square, PA and Newark, Greenville, DE. We care for your feet and are here to help at all times.