Treat Your Ankle Sprain Now!


An unnatural motion or twist of the ankle can cause severe pain and immobility. Ankle sprains are known to result in swelling or tenderness and can impede daily functions such as walking or even moving one’s foot while sitting. 

One has to be careful after a sprain as recurrence is likely. Once the ankle is injured, the ligaments are affected, making the ankle weak and prone to further sprains. Neglect can aggravate the condition, and one may require surgery to restore the normal functionality of the ankle. 

What are some of the common causes of ankle sprains?

  • Sudden or fast movement of the ankle with unbalanced pressure.

  • Exercising or running on uneven surfaces that cause instability.

  • Trips and falls, making the ankle twist in an unusual manner.

  • Severe trauma that hurts one’s ankle. 

How can one mitigate the effects of ankle sprains?

  • Keeping one’s foot elevated helps reduce swelling and fastens the healing process.

  • Applying compression bandages support the ankle and decrease inflammation.

  • Adequate rest combined with physical therapy has shown great results in recovering from ankle sprains.

  • Proper shoes that allow comfortable foot movement and absorb shocks are recommended, especially if one has sprained their ankle before. 

In severe cases, surgery is required to repair and rebuild injured ligaments. At times, the bones may need additional support through surgical procedures to regain strength and stability. Sprained ankles can have long-lasting adverse effects if ignored or not addressed in a timely manner. 

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