Reduce Fall Risks Among The Elderly


As we age, our bones tend to lose their vitality; anyone over the age of 65 years is facing a high risk of falling at any time. We need to talk to our loved ones to make them aware of this risk and tell them how they can avoid it. 

Communication: Embracing old age can be tough for anyone – one seems to be losing control over everything including one’s self. At such a point, independence and self-reliance are all that matters to the elderly. It is important that your loved ones know that you care about these two values and that you would support them through this phase. It has been observed that most elderly people usually hide their falls from their families as sharing with them could mean a loss of their independence. However, given the sense of security and assurance, our elders would definitely feel more comfortable to talk about their concerns. 

Home improvement: Restructuring your home and making it secure for your loved ones can play a critical role in reducing their fall risks. Clearing out passages from obstacles and throw runners could make walking easier. Installing railings for support on both sides of stairs and grabbing rods in the washrooms are essential safeguards. 

Medical records: Talking to your loved ones about their medical condition is crucial in addressing any concerns that they may be facing. Feet and ankles are usually the first to get affected by old age. As the bones weaken, maintaining balance becomes difficult and, consequently, tripping and falling incidents increase. Seeking assistance from our podiatrists is highly recommended in case your loved ones feel pain or discomfort in or around their feet.  

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