Treating Blisters before They Make Your Feet Go Bad


Blisters can occur any time anywhere; the most frequent outbreak of blisters happens on the feet. These are small protruding sockets on top of your skin that may fill with fluid due to constant friction or rigorous rubbing. Usually, blisters form due to tight or ill-fitted shoes that rub against your skin and persistently irritate it. 

If the blister bursts, the fluid inside will spread and can cause further infections. Therefore, it is advised to keep the infected area open, allowing it to dry up on its own. If the friction continues, the blisters are likely to spread and even bleed in extreme cases. 

Luckily, you can treat blisters and protect your feet from further harm. However, in case your condition does not improve, it is advised to consult a professional at the earliest. 

  • Protect your blisters with bandages so that they are covered and do not come into further contact with shoes.

  • Wear open shoes or shoes that will not cause friction with the blisters.

  • Make sure your feet remain dry as moisture worsens the blisters and can cause them to burst.

  • Medicated powders can help control perspiration in feet and stop blisters from erupting.

  • Use of orthotic devices can redistribute superfluous pressure from areas of your feet that are likely to suffer from blisters.

  • It is recommended to avoid standing for longer duration and applying pressure on areas of your feet that have blisters.

  • Seeking medical help to improve and fasten the healing process is an extremely wise choice too. 

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