Diabetic Nerve Damage May Be Damaging Your Feet


Diabetes is extremely widespread and is one of the most common diseases in current times. It is a slow yet progressive disease that can impact your entire body; with symptoms so unnoticeable that it may be a while before you know the damage. 

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition in which nerves are damaged due to high levels of blood sugar (glucose). Destruction of the nerves in the feet is called “Peripheral Neuropathy.” As the nerves are damaged, one experiences loss of sensation and consequently, it becomes difficult to determine if there is anything wrong with your feet. In such a situation, your feet are at high risk of infections, ulcers, wounds and more. 

If you encounter any of the following symptoms in your feet, it is best to consult your foot doctor immediately: 

  • Loss of sensation or failure to feel pain.

  • Inability to feel temperature changes.

  • Burning or stinging in your feet or ankles.

  • Instability or difficulty in maintaining your balance.

  • The weakening of your ankle or foot muscles.

  • Excruciating pains in the foot joints. 

These warning signs should be taken seriously; as they are indications of nerve damage requiring immediate action. The more you delay, the worse the damage to your nerves. While you will have to adopt strict controls to limit your blood sugar levels, you will also need to adopt the best foot care practices to help protect your feet from injuries, infections, cuts, or bruises. Protection of your feet from trips and falls is extremely important as well. 

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